“My objective is to capture moments that are unlike any other photo session you’ve experienced before”
— Ashleigh Gia Cahn

Ashleigh Gia Cahn is a professional photographer based in Santa Monica, California. 

In 1994, at the age of 6, Ashleigh moved from her home town, Johannesburg, South Africa; to sunny California, where she soon realized her passion for competitive figure skating. After over a decade of competing; her talent was soon recognized by Disney on Ice.  Ashleigh still pursues her passion by coaching all ages and levels of ice skating. 

During her travels with Disney on Ice, Ashleigh recognized her natural talent for photography, and it was in 2013 she turned this into a successful career. Her work is highly regarded and sought after due to her sharp, creative and innovate eye. 

With a wide network of professional on-set producers, stylists, specialty photographers and business consultants; Ashleigh has the ability to provide exceptional service levels from capturing personal and family intimate moments; to creating commercial, engaging content. Ashleigh also works side by side with her talented mom, Sandi. A former fashion business owner, Sandi devotes her time to creating a unique set. design customized to meet each clients needs.




Ashleigh Cahn Photography, LLC.

Santa Monica, CA 90401

+1 310-633-3877